15 February 2010

Today's nail: the BB Couture Vampy Varnish collection

Here's the Vampy Varnish collection - a collaboration between BB Couture and Kelly of Vampy Varnish. This collection of six polishes contains some amazing colours, many of which are really unusual and unlike anything else I've seen. These were all swatched without a top coat, and I think in the case of some of the glitters a top coat would do a good job of bringing out the glitter more and giving them a smoother finish - you can see in some of the pictures that a couple of the glitters have a slightly rough finish.

Redwood Forest: Such a hard colour for my camera to capture, I had to fiddle with the colour settings and it's still not quite right. Redwood Forest is more vibrant green than this picture shows, with lots of tiny pinpricks of green glitter. A real stunner, I knew I'd love it when I saw it in the bottle, and on the nail I love it even more again. I went with three coats with this as the thin jelly base was a bit sheer. Gorgeous glossy finish.

Kellys Green: I've never seen another colour like this one and it definitely polarises people - I've had a few friends pick up the bottle and say "yuck", but I love this avocado green. Two coats and lovely application from the thin formula, but the glitter does disappear slightly into the creme formula, giving the slightly rough finish you can see in the pics.

Napa Valley Red: Such a well-named polish - every time I look at it I think that if somebody decided to make a sparkling red wine this is what it would look like. Napa Valley Red is a thin jelly base (that again required three coats to be opaque) of vampy burgundy red with red glitter. It was impossible to capture with the camera the lit-from-within quality of this polish so you'll just have to trust me that it's a stunner.

Union Square: Of the six in the collection this is the only one that doesn't really blow me away - not that it isn't a great colour - it is - but it's not really my kind of colour. That said this bronze metallicy-shimmer has brilliant application and has virtually no brush strokes despite its metallic qualities and was nearly a one-coater, although I went with two.

Mendocino Midnight: A gorgeous dark blue/green  creme (I think it's creme) base with green glitter and a pink shimmer - the pink shimmer isn't as obvious on the nail as it is in the bottle. Lovely application, the two coats went on like butter, and it was very nearly a one-coater. The sky had clouded over and the rain had started by this stage, so my pictures don't quite do it justice.

Vampy Varnish: The eponymously named Vampy Varnish is a dark dark green jelly base with blue and green glitter and is my favourite of the collection. Another thin polish, but although the first coat was very sheer the second covered perfectly. Again you can see the slightly rough texture which a glossy top coat will cover nicely.

Kelly and BB Couture did a great job with this collaboration, and it's awesome to see four greens. As always I bought these from my gal Kim at Overall Beauty, who ships BB Couture internationally.

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