11 February 2010

Today's nail: Napoleon Perdis Voodoo

I bought this polish as part of a gift set at the Napoleon Perdis counter in Farmers. The set contained a lip gloss and nail polish and was NZ$17.00 on sale, which is a great price considering the polish on its own normally sells for around NZ$17.00.

Now I have to say, I really think somebody was having an off day when they matched these two products. The gloss and polish are both called Voodoo, and I chose them based on the colour of the lip gloss tester - here's a sunlight pic of the gloss:

Pretty blue-leaning purple. Here's the swatch:

Yep, blue-based purple. Now, here's the polish:


Erm, I'm not going crazy am I? That's not a blue-based purple is it? Unless my eyes are deceiving me on an epic scale that's a vampy dark plum, reminiscent of O.P.I.'s Lincoln Park After Dark.

I wouldn't in a month of Sundays have matched these two colours and I admit I was a little disappointed when I realised what colour the polish was - I already have a couple of colours similar to this in my collection.

Colour matching issues aside, these two products are pretty good, especially at the price. The gloss applies nicely and is not excessively sticky, although it does wear off and require re-application quite quickly. The colour is very sheer and gives my lips a only a slight purple hue. It is very nicely glossy though, and would work really well over a lipstick.

The polish applied beautifully - although it's a jelly it only required two coats for absolute opaqueness, and it has a gorgeous glossy shine to it.

This is my first experience of Napoleon Perdis, and despite my disappointment with the colour match I'm keen to try more. In fact I might have to scope out Farmers to see if they still have these sets on sale.

EDIT: For all my Auckland-based pretties, I've just had an email from Napoleon Perdis advertising a sale at their Sylvia Park Makeup Bar - 40% off everything until 28 February. Yay! I'm going - who's coming with me?

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