10 February 2010

In lieu of chocolate

Continuing with the theme of "Selina is all whiney because of her special diet and is going to go on and on about it until someone slaps her around the head with a baguette", I'm wondering whether these really do taste like chocolate:

They come in Caramel, Truffle, Chocolate Orange and Strawberry Cream flavours and contain extracts of rich cocoa and coffee seed, as well as sunflower seed, avocado and jojoba oils.

Hey here's a brilliant idea: since I won't be eating chocolate this Easter, perhaps The Eccentric English Boyfriend could buy me a set of these instead?

The ChocohoLICKS Lip Gloss set is US$44.00 from Jane Iredale.

New Zealand stockists of Jane Iredale are listed here.

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