10 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Cupcake Rings (mmmmm, cupcakes)

Since I started my special MS diet I've become a little food obsessed. Ok actually quite a lot food obsessed: I'm watching every food programme I possibly can no matter how banal, spending hours staring at pictures of food online, and only just managing to stop myself from buying every food-themed item I can lay my hands on. Like these cute Cupcake Rings - I think I'd like one in every colour:

Mmmmm, cupcakes.

However I do think I am starting to adjust to this diet gradually, which is a good thing because otherwise the next logical stage is for me to do a Homer Simpson and start hallucinating that everyday objects are food. Probably not a good thing - as much as I love our Fred he is a very smelly little dog and I'm pretty sure attempting to eat him would result in all sorts of digestive unpleasantness, no matter how much like a large bar of white chocolate he might look.

The Cupcake Rings are available in your choice of size and colour from Cupcakes and Mace on Etsy (a fellow Kiwi, by the way), and are US$11.00 each.

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