20 March 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Anda by Romantic Soles

Well hello there my pretties and apologies for the extended absence. I had a bad case of lack of motivation all last week and misplaced my blogging mojo. I found it though, it was stuck down the back of the couch along with NZ$0.70, half a choc chip cookie and an unidentifiable white lump that may have been a used tissue. Oh and one of the dogs - which explains why it's been quieter than usual around here.

Anyway, now that my mojo is back I want new shoes.

Ok, I actually always want new shoes.

When I saw these little beauties that Grey at Gothique posted on her blog my heart did a little skip. Like this: *skip*.

See? Don't they make your heart skip? I love the way the ruffle detail snakes across the shoe.

The Anda by Romantic Soles is US$65.00 from Zappos.

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