05 March 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: P-Bambi shoes by Steve Madden

14 Year Old Daughter and I went to the Paramore concert last night, and it was awesome. The audience was largely made up of teenage girls, and I must be getting old because I spent a lot of the night marvelling at the length (or lack thereof) of the skirts. I must point out here that when I was that age my skirts were short enough that the effort involved in keeping my bum cheeks covered occupied a lot of my time, so I'm really not one to talk.

Anyway, this morning I'm feeling the need for something a little bit Rock Chick, and these shoes fit the bill nicely:

Rock Chick with skyscraper heels - I love it. Admittedly not the ideal choice of footwear for hardcore concert-goers wishing to avoid broken ankles, but then my days of being crushed up against the stage with the sweaty hordes are long behind me.

The P-Bambi are are US$29.99 on sale from Steve Madden.

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