23 March 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: What tiny feet you have

It would seem to be Shoe Week here on Pretty Clever. Not by design, I'm just finding lots of shoes I like lately. The irony of my shoe obsession is that I often find it hard to buy shoes due to my teeny tiny feet. Mind you I'm a teeny tiny five feet tall - if I had big feet I'd look like a clown!

I take a US/NZ size 5, which equates to a UK size 3/Europe size 34.5 (depending on which conversion chart I refer to because of course they're all different!). In fact this is the maximum size I can wear and I prefer to go smaller, so you can imagine my frustration that most New Zealand shoe stores only carry from NZ size 6 upwards.

I've been known to buy my shoes from the childrens' section on the odd occasion, but there are also quite a few companies around who specialise in shoes for small feet, and a couple of them are even based right here in New Zealand. Which means I could quite easily get my hands on these little pretties:

What a gorgeous colour! And the button closure and the brogue detailing are to die for. The Cassidy Green is NZ$195.00 from Indigo River, who unfortunately for you overseas ladies who are small of foot only deliver to New Zealand and Australia.

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