04 April 2010

Today's nail: Color Club Rule Breaker

Here's a surprise for you: a blue/green that refuses to photograph true to colour. It's like the curse of the nail polish blogger, trying to photograph purples and blue/greens - both colours always lean blue in the photo. Grrr.

Aww look, you even get a Fred hair on the bottle for good measure. Just be glad you don't have smell-o-vision because dammit that dog smells at the moment. And of course if I don't bathe him no one will. I tried to convince 14 Year Old Daughter to do it the other day, she ran away muttering something about how that would mean having to "touch his bits". Ok so Fred's an entire male and his 'bits' are quite impressive, but I wash him all the time and suffer no ill effects. In fact Fred and I now have a very, very close relationship ...

Anyway, enough discussion of dog bits, you'll have to believe me when I say Rule Breaker leans much more green than you see in the photos (or indeed in the promo picture at the top of the post). This is one of those colours that I think of as 'peacock' shades, and in fact if you imagine a peacock feather with green fading through to blue, Rule Breaker would be the green in the feather.

Rule breaker is a shimmer, but it almost almost qualifies as a duochrome - in certain lights you'll just catch a flash of a blue. It's very very pretty and another fabulous one coater. Oh how I love one coat colours!

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