05 April 2010

Today's nail: Color Club Wild And Willing

Next to Wild At Heart (the polish), the other colour from the Wild At Heart collection I coveted was Wild And Willing, and in fact thanks to my lovely friend Ewa in London I managed to get my hands on a bottle of it even before Color Club was being stocked in New Zealand. So now I have two bottles - man, but it's a hard life.

In terms of uniqueness Wild And Willing is the stand-out of the collection. Off the top of my head (is that not the weirdest saying ever?) I can't think of another colour like it.

Wild And Willing is truly magical. While holographic in nature the pedant in me doesn't class it as a true holo because, like Wild At Heart, it doesn't show the full rainbow spectrum one expects from a holo. The glitter in this copper coloured beauty flashes gold and, most intriguingly, green. Unfortunately there was no way my camera was going to capture the green flash for you, but it is there and it is quite alien-like when you see it.

Wild and Willing has a very thin and sheer jelly base - I used three coats but upon close examination of my photos I can see some bald spots, so four might have been preferable.

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