13 August 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: what I didn't (and did) buy at Collectif

Another shop that I was very much looking forward to checking out during our sojourn in London was Collectif, although this time I found it not by design but by Eccentric English Boyfriend. As we were leaving Covent Garden Markets he said "let's go this way, I want to show you this shop I found, I think you'll like it". When we got there I was all "omg it's Collectif, you are totally, like, the Best Boyfriend Ever" and he was all "well yes obviously, now don't spend too much". And I didn't. But oh how I wanted to:

The Sailor Pencil Skirt (£30.00) is such a cutie, is it not? Unfortunately on my five foot frame skirts this length end up being mumsy-mid-calf-length, and the anchor embroidery means taking it up would not be an option. Le Sigh.

I did, however, buy this:

The Bow & Crossbones Pirate Ship Necklace (£4.00) is so adorable that even the middle-aged lady behind the counter at the Tower of London gift shop complimented me on it!

11 Year Old Boy was most unimpressed about being subjected to yet another clothing store, until I got into a conversation with one of the Collectif staff members about Australian rock band Airbourne, who were playing on the shop stereo. Next to AC/DC Airbourne are his favourite band and when she revealed that she'd actually met the band his eyes grew wide and I think he might have developed a wee crush. It was very cute. Don't tell him I said that, I'd hate to incur the wrath of a (very cute) 11 Year Old Boy!


  1. Oh, the necklace is adorable! Not as adorable as your son though, who is one of the cutest young men I've ever seen!

  2. Oh my GOD I am going to blow a assload of cash at Collectif!!

  3. Roisin: I would tell him you said that, but he hates being told how cute he is. It makes him very grumpy. He's very cute when he's grumpy, so we have a bit of a Catch 22 thing going on!

    Kaz: Collectif are fabulous! London shopping is fabulous! Oh and since I didn't get a chance to take Roisin's advice and go to Fever you'll have to go in my place!