17 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: The Babes Crazy Kiwi Eau de Toilette

Quick lesson for you all.


is a Kiwi.


(That's me!)
is also a Kiwi.


is a KiwiFRUIT.

Outside of Australasia people tend to refer to the 'Kiwifruit' as a 'Kiwi'. As in "I'm going to eat a Kiwi". Which is actually kinda scary, both for the endangered bird (don't eat it, it's endangered) and the person (don't eat me, I need to buy more shoes).

Likewise, Kiwi-scented products. Seriously, it smells like a Kiwi? The person or the bird? Either way, eewwwwwww. I've met a few kiwis who I wouldn't want to smell like*. And the bird, well it feeds by grubbing around in the dirt. I don't know about you, but earthworm and damp leaf mold doesn't appeal as a fragrance.

Which brings me to today's pretty, which apparently smells like Kiwi. Crazy Kiwi even.

The website is in one of those foreign languages which has way too many K's and G's so I can't read the description, but the packaging is adorable.  And I'm pretty sure it doesn't smell like sweaty Kiwi blokes or earthworms and leaf mold. No guarantees though.

The Babes Crazy Kiwi Eau de Toilette is available here, and costs 149,00kr. I think.

* Disclamer: I've only met a few Kiwis who smell bad. Don't be thinking we're all stinky!


  1. Oh, I'm totally with you on that - I'm always like "You can't eat a kiwi...they're endangered!"

    The packaging is cute though... wonder if it smells as good?

  2. I honestly had no idea that kiwifruits weren't kiwis. o.0 I'm not being a smart-ass I'm serious.

  3. You should so have a rant sess with Griff (Aka my brov!) it's one of his favourites. Really stirs him up a treat ... and I am sure no one living in his vicinity in Berkshire would dare call the Kiwifriut a Kiwi!

  4. you crack me up! i also call kiwi fruit kiwis. will. not. eat. another. kiwi. will. eat. kiwiFRUIT!

  5. @TheKiwiBex - it's no wonder the Kiwi is endangered!

    @Skulda - it's ok, it's fairly widespread! I'm relying on you to spread the word now that you know!

    @Tania - when we were in England in July a few people made the mistake of saying it. I set them straight!

    @jbrobeck - now every time you eat a kiwifruit you'll be "mmmmm earthworm and leaf mold"! :D

  6. Hi!
    This was funny.
    I just found your blog by accident, but I really have to leave a comment.
    This lovelly doll has a perfum inside and yes, it smells good.
    It's a new product by Oriflame, a swedish beauty companie selling direct.
    You can check the english description here: http://dare-to-be.co.uk/fragrance.html#fragrance

    Actually this one is my favorite, the pink one smells weird (to me).

    Best wishes from Portugal :)

  7. Hi Teresa and welcome. I'm pleased to hear the Kiwi smells good - can't have any smelly Kiwis running around out there!