18 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Paul & Joe Sparkle Collection Lipsticks

Paul & Joe always do beautiful packaging, and the lipsticks from their latest Sparkle Collection don't disappoint:

Beautiful packaging and lipsticks shaped like cats! Total win!

And also completely pointless. After a couple of uses those cats are going to look like an accident in a nuclear power facility. Never mind how difficult the pointy ears are going to make actual application of the lipstick.

Still, practical aspects aside that is some seriously cute lipstick. A list of Paul & Joe Beaute stockists is on their website, or Zuneta ship them internationally.


  1. i love paul & joe, though i have never seen any in person. to be honest the cats heads freak me out a bit... just a bit!

  2. They do look a little smug! I saw some Paul & Joe stuff in Hong Kong - so pretty! Didn't buy anything though.

  3. Aww the packaging is cute enough to make me want to buy them ! Lol

    Though the cat heads are a little creepy..