19 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Closet pink cowl neck dress from Dorothy Perkins

I'm a bit wary of peplums on dresses. Partly because I wore them to death in the 80's and partly because putting a peplum on my figure is a bit like wearing a big sign saying "Check out my Child Bearing Hips, y'all".

The peplum on this dress, however, is nicely understated and possibly even curve friendly and I love the cowl neckline.

It's funny that I love this shade of pink in a dress, but would never wear it as a nail polish.

The Closet Pink Cowl Neck Dress is £30.00 from Dorothy Perkins.


  1. I love that dress, I don't think it would look good on me though. :o(

  2. I love that dress, and I quite like pink, but I don't think I could wear that dress. Screaming red, yes, elegant vintage cream, of course, but not that pink.

    Gorgeous dress, and it made me smile just to see it.
    Good pick!

  3. With a corset, I'd look killer good in it! Those flaps are perfect for enhancing the nonexistant hips :)

  4. Thsi is really ute, and I usually do not like pinks!

    But this is very pretty!