11 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Velvet Bow Court from New Look

I loved the shoes at New Look when we were in England. Fortuitously they were kind enough to time their sale to coincide with our trip (now that's what I call service) so 15 Year Old Daughter and I bought a couple of pairs. And by a couple of pairs I mean The Whole Shop!

Now New Look are tempting me with even more gorgeous shoes on sale. Look:

A gorgeous shoe with a vertiginously high heel, and in such a beautiful colour. Pale pink is not a colour you see very often in shoes.  However if you don't like the pink they're also available in purple.

Which is equally gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I have to have both of these. I mean there's simply no way I could choose between the two colours. Eccentric English Boyfriend will understand. Probably.

The Velvet Bow Court is on sale for £15.00 at New Look. Oh and it comes in black too. But it's ok, I don't have to have the black. I mean I'd like it, but I don't have to have it.


  1. I love these! Especially the pink. I recently found a faux leather bomber jacket for $30 at a Target (I'm not sure if you have these in NZ but they're similar to a Walmart, big box store but with a little more style I guess) anyways when I got it home I didn't recognize the brand and googled it. It was New Look, I found their website and love their stuff, everythings priced at such a steal! Plus I love that they ship internationally!

  2. Not only do they ship internationally, but they have a flat rate, so no matter how much you buy you pay £7.50 for shipping. Which obviously means the more you buy the better the deal! (Damn I'm good at justifying my shopping!)