28 October 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Bedroom Antics shoes by Office

It amuses me that Office have named these shoes 'Bedroom Antics'. I don't know whose bedroom they are referring to, but if they were named after the antics in my bedroom then wearing them would result in dogs bouncing all over you with muddy paws, 11 Year Old Boys bugging you constantly to tell you they can't sleep, cats sitting by your head and licking themselves noisily, neighbours playing loud hip hop music on their car stereos and Eccentric English Boyfriends waking you with an elbow jab to inform you that you're snoring.

Yep, we really get up to some antics in my bedroom, I tell ya. Still ... they're very pretty:

Actually, come to think of it a swift kick with these would make EEB think twice about jabbing me with those elbows!

The Bedroom Antics shoes are £72.00 on sale from Office.


  1. I would just adore these in emerald green!

    I doubt I'd be able to walk, though.

  2. I would so wear those just sitting round but Id never walk in them.

  3. Who needs to walk when you look that sexy!

  4. Gosh I'd never wear them and I dislike pink but something in me WANTS these. Like crazy obsessive wants. Gah! *drool*

  5. @Hebridean Sprite - my wardrobe is full of shoes that I've said pretty much the same thing about! (I may have a problem ...)

  6. thats why they're for the bedroom - yr meant to be lyin down wearin them :P