27 October 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Floral Loveliness Necklace from Maggie Angus

Apologies for being absent the past few days my pretties, I have had The Worstest Cold Ever. It's effect seems to be waning today though, I am at the very least upright rather than lying in bed disappearing under a mountain of tissues and complaining loudly to anyone who comes near me. In between sneezes.

As is always the way of these things, my body decided that a holiday weekend of beautiful warm Spring weather was the perfect time for a cold. Way to go, body - you've outdone yourself, because I'd obviously much rather be in bed feeling miserable, and sneezing, than outside enjoying the sun.

Anyway, this necklace is perfect for Spring days - even Spring days spent lying in bed with The Worstest Cold Ever feeling sorry for myself. In fact, particularly those days!

The Floral Loveliness Necklace is on sale for £7.50 from Maggie Angus, who ship internationally.


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