21 October 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Armwarmers from Zen and Coffee Designs on Etsy

15 Year Old Daughter has a wonderful individual sense of style that I really admire. She takes elements from subcultures like goth, punk, retro, gothic lolita and whatever else she fancies on the day, mixes them up and creates a look that is distinctively her. I wish I'd been that brave about my style when I was her age. Although, in hindsight one could argue that it takes a certain amount of bravery to wear neon socks, tightly permed hair and frosted blue eyeshadow. Cringe.

One of 15 Year Old Daughter's favourite items to add character to an outfit is a pair of fingerless gloves. So I'm pretty sure she's going to faint when I show her Zen and Coffee Designs on Etsy. And then once she's regained consciousness she's going to be hogging the computer and exclaiming "OMG Mum I want these ones. And those ones. And Mum LOOK! Can I have those? And those are so pretty! And I NEED those ones Mum!".

Actually, on second thoughts maybe I won't tell her.

I'm quite partial to these ones:

While I think these will be right up 15 Year Old Daughter's alley:


  1. Armwarmers are a very common accessory for cyclists (keep you warm yet easy to remove/slide down once it gets hot) so I was very surprised to see you blogging about them! Not quite what I expected... on second thoughts I'd love to see the boys faces if I turned up wearing these, very tempted by the red and black lacy ones :-)

  2. Love it @Evadne Hatte! I dare you to do it. And then send me pictures! :P

  3. I'm looking at the Etsy store and I think my head just exploded trying to pick just one pair.

    15-yr-old daughter is an extremely cool teen.

  4. Love the article (and your fabulous blog!) Thank you so much for featuring my shop!