19 October 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Rockabilly Western "Stompin" Dress from Babygirl Boutique

So, my pretties, we've been together for a while now and I feel that we're at the stage of our relationship where I can share a deep dark secret with you and you won't judge me for it. You won't judge me, will you?

Ok. You see, when it comes to music my taste tends towards the heavier stuff: some metal, some rock, a bit of goth. But I also love me a bit of country music. Not the jangling guitar "my dog done died, my girlfriend left me, my crops ain't growing and I can't get the ketchup stain out of my favourite jeans" type of country music. Think more along the lines of Sweet Home Alabama and Copperhead Road. That sort of country/rock music.

And Achey Breaky Heart.

Yep, when Billy Ray starts singing about that ole achey breaky heart of his I want to leap up, don some cowboy boots, hook my thumbs into my belt and linedance my wee socks off.

And this dress would be perfect:

So cute, my total ineptitude at anything requiring rhythm might not even be noticed!

The Rockabilly Western "Stompin" dress by Lucky 13 is US$68.00 from Babygirl Boutique.


  1. LOVE this dress! very much!

  2. Ok, I won't judge you for Achey Breaky Heart (although I'm having to try really really hard not to) if you'll overlook the fact that I know all the words to every John Denver song. ever.

  3. @Abbie: Isn't is gorgeous. Do want!

    @Evadne Hatte: You're in good company, I can sing along to a few John Denver songs myself. So you can't judge me for Achey Breaky Heart!

  4. @Parsley The Lion: thank you dear!