10 October 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Ribbon Point pumps from atseoul

Yesterday I used the "brown shoes are totally a wardrobe staple" excuse, today it's the "pale pink shoes may not be a wardrobe staple but they totally should" excuse.

I love the off-centre bow, and the stitching detail.

I can't actually use the Pale Pink Shoes Justification though. Because remember those pale pink New Look shoes I blogged about a while ago? Well I bought them. Oh and also, remember how I described them as "vertiginously high"? Turns out that was a bit of an understatement. They're actually more like "Holy-Cow-I-Can-See-the-Curvature-of-the-Earth High".

If you're in the market for pale pink shoes and prefer your horizon to remain un-curved, the Ribbon Point shoes are available from atseoul for $50.97 (I'm pretty sure their currency is in US dollars, but you might want to double-check before purchasing).

And they're also available in navy.

Which is totally a wardrobe staple.

Except I already have a pair of navy shoes.


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