09 November 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: look what I bought!

I took a trip to the local outlet mall in the weekend, with a very definite idea in mind of what I needed: summer trousers.

And I came home with nail polish, shampoo, face masks, paracetamol tablets, ballet flats, a nightie, and a pair of these:

None of which are summer trousers. Obviously. BUT, the shoes were on sale! Down from NZ$100 to NZ$20, how could I possibly say no? I mean just look at the prettiness! And that heel! Who needs trousers when your shoes are this gorgeous?

These are from T.U.K, an American label whose shoes have a serious case of the pretty and quirky. You can find them online at T.U.K., or presumably in an awesome shoe shop near you. In New Zealand they're sold at Wild Pair, although these particular babies are only in their outlet store and if you've got teeny tiny feet you're plum out of luck because I bought the last pair!


  1. wow that looks so cool!! <3 such a bargain!

  2. OMG! Super cute!! :) i love it!


  3. Now THIS is why I need to start stopping in at Wild Pair!