15 November 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Greta Square Toe Mary Jane from TopShop

I've been disappearing on and off lately, and I do apologise. Hot on the heels of the Worstest Cold Ever I developed The Annoyingest Virus Thingey That Made Me Ache All Over And Gave Me A Headache Ever. Which is actually a genuine medical condition. Although I think they just call it a Virus. Anyway, being all run down and tired has resulted in some problems with my eyesight and concentration which I think might be MS related, making it hard to sit at the computer and focus on coming up with posts for you.

However, complaining aside I found these gorgeous shoes on the TopShop website which I just had to share (they're out of stock on the website at the moment, I wonder if the TopShop here in Auckland has them in ...?):

White shoes can be a mite problematic to wear. I've only ever owned two pairs of white shoes - one as a teenager in the 80s and one for my wedding in 1993. And therein lies the problem - white shoes are so often either weddingish or 1980s chic (an oxymoron if ever I heard one). Not these though, the chunky heel and mary jane style of these is more reminiscent of 1960s vintage, which is fine by me. I think they'd look lovely with a geometric patterned shift dress.

How would you style these my pretties? The Greta Square Toe Mary Jane is £60.00 from TopShop.

I hope you'll bear with me over the next few weeks if my posting is a bit sporadic while my eyesight and concentration levels settle. I've got plenty of pretties lined up I want to show you, and since Christmas is only a month and a half away (I know, I know, it frightens me too), I'm planning to start my All I Want For Christmas series again. So stay tuned!

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