17 November 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: The Sophisticate Skirt from Red Dress Shoppe

Since my recent healthy eating has seen my weight going down (at the doctor's today I was 10kg lighter than when they last weighed me, hooray) I've been on a hunt for really sexy pencil skirts, because I now feel brave enough to wear them. So of course this summer sees all the shops stocking floaty maxi skirts or cute wee a-line skirts. Both of which are lovely, just not on me!

The Sopisticate Skirt from Red Dress Shoppe has me very tempted, and I may just put it on my Christmas Wish List. (If you're reading this, Eccentric English Boyfriend, the following skirt is on my Christmas Wish List - please see me for sizing details!):

I'm such a sucker for the whole "Sexy Secretary" look. I love the pleat and bow detail at the waist, and the 'relaxed pencil silhouette' should be nicely forgiving on the wobbly bits! The Sophisticate Skirt is US$49.00 from Red Dress Shoppe.

In other news, I mentioned a couple of days ago that I thought my MS might have flared up, and sure enough I am now having some vision and cognitive problems. I saw my doctor this morning, and we are just waiting to hear back from the Neurology Department at the hospital. Anyway, my wonky eyesight and slightly scrambled thought processes mean it's becoming quite hard for me to focus on the computer screen at times. I will try my hardest to  keep up regular posting as much as possible, but if I do disappear for any length of time you'll know why.


  1. This skirt looks good.

    I hope your results will be good.

  2. This is great! Thanks for the recommendation! The 'sexy librarian' look is pretty much my go-to, so there's lots of things for me to check out. Have you also tried 'Stop Staring' and the made-to-order vintage-style dresses on Etsy? I'm obsessed ;)

    Good luck with your results. My partner's mum has suffered from MS since she was 36, so you have all my love and sympathy xx

  3. Thank you guys! Neurologist appointment tomorrow so we'll see how it goes!

    @dempss01: Stop Staring is awesome, isn't it? I try to avoid their site because it's just Too Much Temptation!

  4. Thanks for continuing your blog through your MS and virus's! I hope the testing comes back with positive results for you…