28 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: 'Bee Mine' pendant by Kettle of Fish on Folksy

You know what's embarrassing? Getting stung by a wasp when you're trying to show the Nice Exterminator Man where the wasps' nest is that you want exterminated. And no, that didn't happen to me, it happened to Eccentric English Boyfriend. After I said to him "don't flap at them, you'll make them angry". I am nothing if not helpful. In this case helpful from a safe distance, but helpful all the same.

The Nice Exterminator Man later said to me "I thought he was a bit brave, standing that close to the nest.". To which I replied "Brave? Or stupid?". Helpful from a safe distance and sarcastic - I'm your dream girl, aren't I?

Anyway that story was by way of a segue into today's pretty, which has a picture of a bee. Bees are much nicer than wasps, albeit just as sharp at one end.

The lovely little bee picture in the pendant is printed onto vintage linen and then varnished. The 'Bee Mine' pendant is £20.00 from Kettle of Fish on Folksy, and is guaranteed not to sting you or embarrass you in front of Nice Exterminator Men*.

* Note: not actually guaranteed for either of these.

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