27 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Kara shoes by Paris Hilton. Seriously.

I'm pretty sure I woke in an alternate universe this morning. It is the only possible explanation for a world in which "Paris Hilton" and "classy" are words which can be used in the same sentence.

That said, I'm going to stay in this alternate universe, because look at the shoes it has:

My wardrobe is astonishingly lacking in grey shoes, I have realised. And it's such a lovely alternative to black. These would fill that gap perfectly. And they have pink soles!


The Kara Grey Crystal Satin by Paris Hilton is US$94.99 from Heels.com who ship internationally.


  1. I actually love her shoes (bridal especially) and her handbags, some of them are seriously worth investing on.

    These ones are lovely with the pink sole, adds a nice touch!

  2. I know, the pink soles nearly tipped me over the edge into mustbuytheserightnow territory!