09 December 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Bella by Kurt Geiger

As a rule I try to keep the products I showcase here within a price range that I wouldn't baulk at paying myself. In other words the cheaper end of the spectrum. But sometimes I see something that's too gorgeous not to show you.


You're probably all well aware that a mary jane stiletto-heeled platformed shoe with a bow is bound to have me excited, but what does it for me with this shoe is that stunning colour combination. Seriously, I came over all swoony - a bit like all those times I watched Bridget Jones' Diary just for Colin Firth.

The Bella by Kurt Geiger is £140.00. Which means I have about as much chance of owning a pair as I do snogging Colin Firth*. Just don't make me choose.

* Apologies to Eccentric English Boyfriend. Who, in my defence, is well aware of my feelings about Colin Firth.

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