30 January 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Bags by JumpFromPaper

Some days, don't you just really wish you lived in a cartoon? With the bright colours, and lots of white space?


Only me then?

Well, thanks to JumpFromPaper, I may actually be able to fulfil my cartoon wishes. At least with my handbag.

That there is an actual handbag. See:

Actual handles, and pockets, and zips.

JumpFromPaper is the brainchild of Taipei-based designers Chay Su and Rika Lin, and this is how they describe their inspiration:

"One cozy afternoon, the two girls were chatting, when they got to sketching their dream designer handbag. A surprising idea popped up – 'How amazing it would be if a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration could come to life as a real bag!' They explored every possibility, rendering fantasy handbags in perspective, and giving birth to JumpFromPaper™."

The Bonjour (above) is US$80.00,  and I'm also quite partial to the Play Hooky (US$80.00):

What do you think? Could you see yourself carrying one of these around?

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