15 January 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen shoes

Sometimes - just sometimes - it's a good thing when something you really want is sold out. Trust me on this, it is.

Like for instance right now, when the credit card is maxed-out post-Christmas and the bank is dragging its heels over loaning money for the renovations and I'm browsing my newest shoe site find and lusting after all the pretty shoes and then I find The Awesomest Shoes Ever and they're on sale and OMG I really must have them even though they're completely impractical and I'd probably never wear them because what would I wear them with seriously but look at them they are so beautiful they're almost art and THEY'RE SOLD OUT!

Look at them. Are they not the most ridiculously gorgeous things you have ever set eyes upon? And if they hadn't been sold out it would have taken several strong men to wrestle the credit card off me because I would quite happily hand over US$99.95 for the Jeffrey Campbell El Carmens quicker than you can say "have you noticed the hole in the toilet floor has gotten bigger".

They do come in other colourways though, which I'm also quite partial to.

Have you noticed the hole in the toilet floor has gotten bigger?

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