13 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Cap Sleeve Dress from Get Cutie

I love Get Cutie. They make a range of vintage-style skirts, dresses and accessories which you can order in any of the fabrics they have in stock. And the range of fabrics is BIG (123 different fabrics big), so I'm a bundle of indecision right at the moment.

I want this dress:

In this fabric:

Or this fabric:

But, how cute is this:

And oh my goodness this!:

This (as pretty as it is) would probably be a bad idea - too much white for me to spill stuff on:

Or CATS! In kimonos!:

So, that's narrowed it down a bit. While my head explodes from the indecision you can go check out the Short Cap Sleeve Dress (£110.00) on Get Cutie. And you can check out all 123 fabric swatches here.


  1. How could you choose??? You'd have to have at least 3!

  2. At least! But probably more. In fact, all of them please!