02 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Duck Family Necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses

So this is on sale at Love Hearts and Crosses, and it's adorable:

Where we live in West Auckland we have ducks that just wander the streets (and come into our houses begging for food). In Spring and Summer I love watching the wee ducklings because they are just little fluffy balls of adorableness. When they're tiny it's almost as if they're attached to their mum by a piece of elastic - they'll get a certain distance away from her an then suddenly PING they're back in their wee line again. Ducklings are awesome!

Here's a very grainy photo of my boy when he was little with a motherless duckling that we rescued. 

The Duck Family Necklace is on sale for £7.20 from Love Hearts and Crosses.


  1. I have this, and can vouch for its cuteness!! but its not as sweet as your wee duck rescuer!<3

  2. Yeah, that photo makes me melt every time I look at it!