03 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: iGirl Tie-Front Patent Platforms from YesStyle

It's funny how tastes change. It's not that long ago that orange was one of my least favourite colours - possibly from being a child in the 70s when orange (normally combined with brown) was everywhere. Then I started wearing orange nail polish a few months ago, and next thing you know I'm lusting after orange shoes. Specifically these orange shoes:

Too cute! The Tie-Front Patent Platforms by iGirl are US$70.00 from YesStyle.

I still really, really don't like brown though. At least until I decide I do.


  1. I feel I ought to like them but they are a wee bit clunky even for me.

    I desperately want to love them but I don't quite.

  2. LOL @jaljen - I'm quite partial to chunkiness in shoes, done the right way. :)