19 March 2017

oxx unnamed polish

I have spent more time than is reasonable trying to decide how to say "oxx". Is is like the bovine Ox, but with more emphasis on the 'x'? Or is it "Hug Kiss Kiss"? Or perhaps just "O-X-X"? I have settled on the first variant, for no other reason than that it amuses me to think that someone at KMart (oxx is a KMart own-brand) could have named a cosmetics range after a type of cow.

This polish is like no other in my collection; a pale grey that leans ever-so-slightly greenish, absolutely packed with tiny silver glitter. It's stunning enough that I can forgive the puzzling brand name, and the fact that they didn't even bother to give the polish itself a name. And I can also forgive the thick-but-sheer formula which took four coats to achieve opaqueness and even then was still slightly sheer.

18 March 2017

ünt SYO55

ünt is a brand I had never previously heard of, until my daughter bought me a bottle of their peel-off base coat for Christmas, which came with a free bottle of polish. (Side note: peel-off base coat is the best thing ever for under glitter polishes, and is worthy of a post of its own. Which I'm sure will happen at some stage.)

ünt SYO55

Yes, I'm aware of the smoodge on my middle finger, sometimes I forget that even my trusty quick-dry Seche Vite top coat isn't instantaneous, and it's best to wait more than two or three minutes before trying to use my nails as tools!

I would call this a blackened-teal shimmer, and a close inspection of the formula reveals that it is actually a black jelly base so tightly packed with blue and green shimmer particles that the jelly base is essentially invisible. A real stunner of a colour, especially in daylight, with a shift to navy blue when viewed from the side. Love it (although it's a bit of a shame they didn't bother to give it a name, SYO55 doesn't really roll off the tongue.)

O.P.I. O Suzi Mio

O Suzi Mio is from the O.P.I Venice collection (Fall/Winter 2015). The entire collection was on sale at my local pharmacy, and it took considerable restraint to only buy one bottle.

O.P.I. O Suzi Mio

Having said that, I'm not discounting the possibility of going back and buying another colour. There was a mint green I had my eye on too ...

I wasn't a huge fan of the formula on this one, it was quite runny and sheer (which is how I'm going to excuse my slightly crap application), and took three coats to opaque. This red-leaning deep purple is a beautiful colour though.