27 August 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Smoothie print flats

I. Love. Shoes. This totally doesn't come as a surprise to you does it my pretties? I'd happily go without food to support my shoe obsession. But, I cannot bring myself to like flat shoes. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm only five foot tall, I like any extra height I can get. And I just can't see the sexiness in flat shoes. Whatever the reason, my shoe collection contains only a couple of pairs of flats (not counting trainers), but it probably needs more. I admit there's times when heels are just a bit much (especially when there's a lot of walking involved), but I want something a little dressier than trainers.

And you know what? I totally don't hate these:

I wouldn't in a month of Sundays wear that (positively garish) print anywhere else on my body, but the contrast of the tropical print with the plaited rope trim works on these shoes. I'm loving the peep toe and bow too. I could wear these.

Smoothie Open Toe Bow Accent Print Flats, US$19.20 from YesStyle.


  1. Those are just adorable shoes. My Mom was 4'11". She also hated flats. She only wore them when she started to get sick and had problems walking. She told me that when she was young she had a date to go to the beach. She was so embarassed to be short that she wore high heels. Of course she sunk in the sand. I just about died laughing. You reminded me of that.

  2. What a hilarious story Lucy! Many's the time I've worn high heels on grass and sunk in, but wearing them to the beach takes the cake!