09 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: in which I try, really I do

*sigh* ... asos are having a sale. I try to be restrained, my pretties. Really, I do. I search high and low to bring you the prettiest of the pretty, and I fall in love with so many things. But, and this is the important bit: I. Don't. Buy. Them. Mostly.

And then asos have a sale.


I mean, just look at these (£52.00):

I know, I know, they have cork soles. But look at them, for the love of all that is pretty, look at them!

Or what about these elegant beauties (£54.00):

Also, purple! (£20.00):

And that's just the shoe department.

What about this (£18.00):

Or this cutie £24.50):

And oooh, what about this (£22.00):

And also, KAPOW! (£8.00):

14 Year Old Daughter is in love with this (£10.00):

So. Much. Pretty. Why? Why must this be? When will the reasonably priced prettiness end*?

* No, seriously, when will it end? It doesn't say on the website!


  1. Oh my goodness. I want those purple shoes!! The only size they have left is mine... it's a sign. It's most definitely a sign.

  2. Ah, the daily struggle to resist buying the pretty things we must write about every day! Today I lost the fight at ASOS, and I wasn't even looking at the sale stuff, either - it's a hard life, being a blogger!

  3. Oh my GOD, I know I'm a nut, but I LOVE them because they have cork soles, that's adorable! I like all of them, but the pink shoes, they're my favorite. Really.

  4. Glittermillie: you MUST buy the purple shoes, buy them and wear them for me because they don't have them in my size and it breaks my heart. BUY THEM!!!

    Amber: Must. Not. Add. To. Cart. I haven't bought anything yet, but the strain is showing.

    Nicole: Those pink shoes are stunning aren't they, and may well have changed my mind about cork soles.

  5. Given the exchange rate at the moment these are virtually free - buy buy buy ;-)

  6. Well Evadne Hatte, since you put it like that! Plus asos just sent me a £10 off voucher for my birthday ...

  7. I'm mad about those grey heels. Sadly I can't wear them but they are beautiful. Love the skirt. I think your daughter needs this!

  8. Lucy I put in my order the following day and the skirt had sold out already. Managed to find something else to buy for 14 Year Old Daughter though. Oh and I bought some shoes for myself, which she will of course wear anyway!