16 June 2009

Something to keep your feet warm

My home town of Dunedin is under a thick layer of snow tonight (so happy to be in Auckland right now!), so for all you Dunedinites shivering in front of the fire here are some ideas for keeping those toes warm:

The Supertread High Top Sheepskin Boot, NZ$169.95 from New Zealand Nature.

The Hip Black Ugg Boot, NZ$104.00 from Ugg Boot Shop.

The Hip Button Ugg Boot, NZ$125.00 from Ugg Boot Shop.

The Dotpom Slipper (synthetic lining), NZ$19.99 from No 1 Shoes.

The Mimosa Laceboot (synthetic lining), NZ$29.95 from No 1 Shoes.

And for little bitty cold tootsies, little bitty ugg boots, NZ$13.00 from Baby First.


  1. My issue with ugg boots is that they seem like they'd get EASILY dirty :(
    I'd never go outside with them let alone in snow for fear of destroying them!

  2. Yes I've always thought that Ugg boots should only ever be worn inside the house (or perhaps to walk to the letterbox).

  3. Hmmm, I just think they're ugggggly - but I know a small white dog who would just love one :-)

  4. lol - I have a friend whose fox terrier was fascinated by the inside of her ugg boots - the longer she had them and the smellier they became the more the dog loved them!