16 June 2009

Zombies on my stationery

The best store name at the mall today had to go to Smiggle, every time I say it I smile. They also have the cutest stationery, the Voodoo range would have to be my favourite.

Voodoo A4 Notebook
Voodoo Luggage Tag

Zombies! What's not to love. I'm also rather taken with the devils:

Check out the bikini devil, also available as a luggage tag:

Find a Smiggle store here, or shop online here.


  1. I am so going back there when I get a job to get some of their awesome office stationary supplies... and that rainbow zipper pencil case!

  2. It's definitely a "one of those shops", as in "I'll have one of those, and one of those, and ooh look at that I definitely have to have one of those!".