16 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: hooray for Chanel dupes and girly shopping trips

Girly shopping trip today with a dear friend who I hadn't seen for ages. Good company and pretty things, the perfect day really!

And lookity-lookity what I found in Mi Piaci:

Do they look familiar? If you've been following this blog you'll recognise them as an almost exact dupe of the Chanel shoes I fell in love with a few weeks ago. These are the Mi Piaci Parker, and while the black and cream version in the photo differs from the Chanel shoe in having a single colour heel the brown and cream version I tried on in the shop had the same two tone heel as the Chanel shoes. The Mi Piaci shoes retail for NZ$230.00, which seems like a lot to me considering the most I've ever spent on shoes was NZ$200.00 for a pair of Overland boots (on sale), but when you consider that Chanel shoes tend to retail for around US$500.00 it is a considerable saving on the original.

I didn't buy them though. I so very badly wanted to, and I suspect that when the Eccentric English Boyfriend reads this he will think it is a Very Good Thing that my replacement credit card hasn't arrived yet. Check out the Mi Piaci website here.


  1. In case you're wondering folks, yes the previous comment was brought to you by the Eccentric English Boyfriend!

  2. But they looked so cute on you! :(

    My biltong got re-conoitered by the parentsl, good thing I hid the koeksister and droewors!

  3. They did didn't they?

    I knew you should have bought more biltong, it's not going to last the day is it?

  4. Nope, I think my mum just hid the bag from my dad so he won't finish it off before 5 LOL!

    Been reading bout the Seche range of products; this is getting superbly evil and scary cause I can see a base and top coat I want, plus I wanna do a frenh manicure! ARGH! All your fault! :P

  5. Come to the Pretty Side, we have nail polish!