31 July 2009

Today's nail: Barry M Pure Turquoise

I've just realised that my 'To Blog' folder is full to the brim with swatch photos waiting to be blogged about. Which is nice, because it means I have a backup in between stalking the postman.

Today's swatch is a favourite that I mentioned the first time I posted about Barry M. Back then my nails were horribly short and there was no way I was putting pictures of them on the internet so you were deprived of a swatch. But my nails are looking fairly acceptable these days, so here it is in all it's glory - Barry M Pure Turquoise:

This one definitely goes in my top 10. It's so deliciously bright and cheerful, and totally reminds me of the Twitter logo:


I think this was the first Barry M colour I tried, and it set the standard. Great application (two coats), lovely glossy creme finish and great wear. Combine that with the stunning colour and this one becomes a classic.


  1. That is a beautiful turquoise. Looks really beautiful on you. Your nails are very nicely shaped. Pretty perfect match to the Twitter logo.

  2. I love Barry M nail paints...great quality!!