06 August 2009

Bourjois So Laque - Part 1

Here are the first two of the Bourjois polishes I received yesterday. First up Bleu violet, an incredibly hard colour to photograph. My camera will only capture it as various shades of midnight blue, which it is in some lights, but in others it is a beautiful vibrant purple. Love, love, love it (in both of its incarnations).

Next Bleu mysterieux:

A beautiful dramatic dark dark blue-black, reminiscent of Eyeko's Vamp Polish, but better application requiring only two coats. I did find I needed to do some clean up on this one but that could be because I'm still adjusting to my little stubby nails.

I am impressed so far, the colours are so rich and thickly pigmented, requiring only two coats, and they dry quickly to a beautiful glossy finish - the bottle says 'with vinyl' and they do look like vinyl on my nails. My only small quibble would be with the brush. Like O.P.I. Bourjois have gone for a flat, wide brush. The Bourjois brush is slightly wider than the O.P.I. brush, and is actually too wide for my pinky nail (I do have teeny tiny little nails) so a little bit of jiggling around is required to get the application right on my smaller nails. However that's a very minor quibble, and I can't wait to see the final two on.


  1. LOVE IT! where do you get bourjois?

  2. ok just kidding :) i read your post before this one and looked at their website. looks like i need to make some friends in the uk!

  3. lol - that'll learn you for reading them out of order!

    Yes friends in the UK are very handy - next year's trip to the UK = even handier!!!!

  4. This brand of polish has some amazing colors. Beautiful on your stubs. Your nails look pretty. They aren't stubs. Besides those vampy colors look good on shorter nails.

  5. The vampies do look good on short nails don't they, but I think I'll be happy when they're a bit longer - I feel more feminine!