08 August 2009

Bourjois So Laque - Part 2

Here are the last two of my Bourjois So Laque haul. First Cerise noir:

In the bottle I thought this was going to be a deep red, but on my nails it actually leaned more towards brown, and it's gorgeous. If Suzi Says Da! was melted chocolate then this is too, but a lower percentage of cocoa solids (if that makes sense*). There is some red in there, and when I removed it the colour on the cotton wool was definitely red, but I'm quite glad to say it's brown on the nail, and that's all good with me! Of the four this was the only one to require three coats (the others were all two coaters) but again it has a gorgeous gloss on the nail, even if the pictures don't do it justice because applying nail poilsh to my little stubbies is still sucking!

Next, Noir de chine. Great name, great polish:

Black polish is probably the only polish that looks better on stubby nails. And this would have to be the best black ever application wise. It went on like a dream in two coats, and it's so gorgeous and glossy my nails look like polished onyx. This will be my go-to black from now on.

I am so impressed with the So Laques, I think I want more! Check out the Bourjois site for the full colour range.

* For more chocolate check out Chocablog. It's a blog. About chocolate. What more needs to be said!

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  1. That is a really pretty black creme. Very shiny. Love the Cerise Noir on you. I have a lipstick that shade that I love. Where is it? I haven't used it in forever. Lips have been so light that I haven't used the deep shades.