08 August 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Stop Staring dress

The Eccentric English Boyfriend and I are attending my little brother's wedding in my home town of Dunedin in December. Obviously, I will need a new outfit.

December in New Zealand means summer, but in Dunedin summer can lean towards the cooler temperatures, so I'm thinking a pretty retro dress that I can pop a gorgeous cardigan or jacket over should the temperature require it.

What this means for you, my pretties, is that over the next few months you're going to be seeing quite a few wedding outfit possibilities here. Any and all opinions appreciated.

Here's the first option, from Stop Staring, one of my favourite clothing sites:

Three words: Va. Va. Voom!

Look at the pin up girl curves on that dress. Question is - how much va va voom is too much? Is it wedding appropriate? US$142.00 from Stop Staring.


  1. Oh, don't show me Stop Staring dresses - my powers of resistance are always low in the face of such loveliness! I think this would be fine for a wedding - a cardi/jacket will tone it down a little, too. *happysigh*

  2. It's the first time I've ventured onto the Stop Staring site for a long time - for exactly that reason - my credit card finger is itching!

  3. I love love this dress! Anything with cherries on it I adore. I even have a white handbag with cherries on it. Also a black handbag with cherries on it. If I could wear this it would be mine. If you want to wear this for your brothers wedding I'll allow you to buy it. You just have to post a picture of it's loveliness.

  4. I'd get it but not for the wedding. Is it homecoming dance appropriate?

  5. Hi Allya, we don't have homecoming (or homecoming dances) here in New Zealand so I couldn't say whether or not it is appropriate. But hey, when is looking drop dead gorgoues not appropriate? :-) I've decided to go with the turquoise swing dress of Vivien of Holloway which I've also posted about. This Stop Staring dress is so very gorgeous though that if I weren't on a spending moratorium at the moment I'd be very tempted to get it as well!