07 August 2009

And then there were three

Over at The Nail Buff they're running a competition to win a gorgeous Nails Inc Sole Sensations pedicure pack. One of the conditions of entry is that you have to do a blog post about your three favourite nail polish colours. This may well be an impossible ask - how do I choose just three when there are soooooooo many I'm in love with? But what the heck, I'll give it a go:

Number 1: Eyeko Vamp Polish

This may have given me some application issues, but that blue/black colour is so dramatic.

Number 2: Barry M Pure Turquoise

Gorgeous, cheerful sky blue - wearing it makes me happy.

Number 3: Barry M Navy

Utterly beautiful navy. What more can I say?

Interestingly enough they're all blue! Anyway, fellow bloggers, head over to The Nail Buff, check out the competition and enter away. Oh and leave me a link to your fave three blog posts too - I'll be interested to see them.

1 comment:

  1. I don't have a blog so I couldn't enter. I love your three choices. I think the Barry M Navy is just as beautiful as the Chanel. The turquoise is just gorgeous also. Eyeko Vamp is also amazing.