14 August 2009

A haul and a reward

A few more visits from Mr Courier Dude the last couple of days, including one super-duper exciting parcel which I will get to in a minute. First up, some more polishes from TradeMe:

Left to right: Love My Nails Heavenly, Sea Grape and Plum Pearl (all from the Chrome range), Revlon Glimmer Gloss Blueberry Burst, Pure Ice Iced Copper and L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium (no name) Number 305.

And now, drum roll please... I've been smoke free for over a month! The Eccentric English Boyfriend promised me a nail polish reward for lasting one month (at three months I get expensive shoes) and I was going to get the Butter London Spring Fashionista's Favourites, but it turns out they don't ship to New Zealand*. So instead I decided to get the Kit Chalk It Up range, and added the two polishes whose packaging was designed by Kit Design Award 2009 winners.

Left to right: Dream Run (packaging designed by Jessica Singh), Wild Ride (packaging designed by Lucinda Dryden), Game On, High Roller and Winner Takes.

Did I mention I've been smoke free for One Whole Month? I am so proud of myself - YAY ME!

* Note to American retailers: Shipping internationally and shipping to England are two entirely different things. If the only place outside of America that you ship to is England then don't say you ship internationally. Just saying.


  1. Congratulations on your first month smoke free! I bet you're starting to feel the benefits hey? I've never smoked but my boyf did and it was really hard for him to give up.

    That's so weird about the international shipping! Why only ship to England?! Surely it's no more work shipping to other countries!
    So misleading as well putting we ship internationally! Bizarre.

    All your new polishes look so nice! I can't wait to see some swatches!

  2. Thank you :) I've given up before, obviously with very little success, but this time it's working.

    I am annoyed about Butter London, I was so looking forward to getting the polishes as my reward, but the Kit ones are super duper awesome so it's all good.

  3. Congrats on not smoking!! My bf just recently quit too - I am so proud of him! He didn't get any goodies though from me, lol!!

    I love those Kit nail polishes, I have never heard of those, but they look great, and can't wait for swatches.

  4. They're an Australian brand, I first saw them when we were over in Australia last year, and I think the only way to get out of them outside of Australia is via the website.

  5. Can't pretend to be excited about the nail polishes, but your smoke-free status is waaaaay cool, go you :-)

  6. That's ok, I'm excited enough for the both of us! And thank you :)

  7. Way to go Selina!!!! I'm very proud of your accomplishment! Keep up the wonderful work. Expensive shoes next, you better keep it up. Well not for just the reward. Love those polishes and the boxes. Why can't these companies all ship to where ever we want. What reward do you get for 6 months? Really proud of you.

  8. Thank you Lucy :) The Eccentric English Boyfriend hasn't actually mentioned a six month reward - do you think I should push for it?

    If you check out the Kit site you may find they ship internationally, they certainly ship here to New Zealand. The Chalk It Up polishes are so gorgeous on, and as soon as 13 Year Old Daughter returns from her friend's with my camera cable I'll upload the pics and post about them!