17 August 2009

Kit Chalk It Up polishes

It's about time I posted some swatches isn't it my pretties? I've been taunting you for days with an endless parade of newly purchased polishes and I know you're all looking forward to seeing them on.

For this post I'll concentrate on the Kit Chalk It Up polishes.

These polishes totally live up to their name, the colours are so much like the colours of my kids' pavement chalks. I wouldn't be me though if my polishes didn't remind me of food. (Obsessed with food? Me? Why yes, yes I am!).

Mmmmm, fruit sticks. Sugary fruity goodness.

All three polishes were two coaters, with a slightly thick formula that had a tendency to pool at the sides. As with most pastel cremes there was some tendency to streaking but not so bad as to be frustrating. Overall I was happy with the way they applied.

High Roller:

When I saw High Roller on the website I wondered how close it would be to Barry M Mint Green but actually it's quite different. High Roller is a greyed-out pale green, I would call it sage green (the photo is giving it a slightly blue tint that isn't really there). It is absolutely gorgeous and my favourite of the three.

Game On:

Game On is lovely, a pastel peachey colour.

Winner Takes:

This is my least favourite of the three. It's a very pretty pastel pink, and for a pastel quite bright, if that makes sense. I do like it, but it is so very wrong on my skin tone, although I rather think it might make a cute pedi.

What do you think of these my pretties? I am so pleased with them, definitely a good reward for my continued non smoking.

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  1. Love the peach! They are all very pretty colors. The green is amazing. Pink is my least favorite.