19 August 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Bahira sandals by Mollini

I didn't get a pretty posted yesterday. I was sitting at the computer last night all prepared to start the search for prettifulness, when the Eccentric English Boyfriend said "Are you going to be at the computer blogging all night? Because I was hoping we could watch the DVD of series two of Eureka that we just got." And then he pouted. Seriously. I couldn't resist because he's just so damn cute. I mean he's six foot tall and built like a viking, but he can be so bloody cute sometimes. So I relented, and series two of Eureka is proving to be just as awesome as series one. If you haven't seen it I recommend it.

Anyway, I have a pretty for you today. I've just discovered the website of Mollini Shoes, an Australian company, and they have some lovely stuff including these:

That's the Bahira in blue (also available in yellow) and it's on sale for a very reasonable AU$50.00. I love the curved detailing of the straps, and that is a very pretty shade of blue. Unfortunately for my overseas readers it would seem they only deliver to Australia and to us here in New Zealand - sorry about that!

1 comment:

  1. What a little beauty! I miss Steve Irwin. These are really a lovely sexy show. I bet they are nice in yellow. I love Eureka. I first watched MadMen on DVD. It was great not having to wait a week to see what happenes.