02 August 2009

Today's nail: M.A.C. Violet Fire

Here's a polish that I've been coveting for a while. M.A.C. released Violet Fire as part of this year's Style Warrior Collection, and it's a limited edition. We went to Westfield St Lukes yesterday to see Coraline (awesome and exquisite movie, by the way, go see it) and in the five minutes we had before the movie started I nipped in to the M.A.C. store and bought myself a bottle.

Such a pretty colour, a purple base that shimmers with pink and gold - I'm definitely in love with this one. Thin formula, nice to apply but talk about sheer. It took four coats to build it to bottle colour, and even then I could still see bald spots in certain lights.

It matched perfectly with 13 Year Old Daughter's new tutu:

Speaking of the tutu, after it arrived 13 Year Old Daughter and I went to the pet shop for supplies (you would not believe how expensive ten pets can be ... actually you probably would), and she wore the tutu and my new black shoes. To the pet shop! And then yesterday her bestie stayed the night and we went to Coraline with TWO 13 year old girls dressed in purple tutus and high heels. Bless!

1 comment:

  1. Love your daughters tutu and your shoes! Love all those straps and also the pink pair. I'm glad I bought this Mac polish. It's a beautiful shade.