15 November 2009

Look at all that stuff!

Between sick kids and sore teeth the last couple of weeks haven't been the most fun. But it wasn't all achey bits and cries of "mum, my tummy hurts". There were also a few parcels to open, and we know that's always good.

First up, my Secret Santa gift from the Nail Polish Bloggers Christmas Exchange organised by Nicole of Magic Maid. My Secret Santa was the lovely Rachel from Sparkling Pink Gorilla (awesomest blog name), and looky look what she sent me:

Barielle! I confess I squealed when I saw them. Slate of Affairs and Polished Princess, both of which I was coveting. And let me tell you they are gorgeous - Slate of Affairs has gone into my favourite polishes ever list - swatches to follow soon. Also in the parcel was a Dr Pepper lip gloss (shaped like a little Dr Pepper can and so yummy), LA Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer in Blue Glitter and Green Glitter (pretty), samples of Barielle hand cream and foot treatment, and 10 Year Old Boy's favourite part:

Bear in mind he was home from school with a stomach upset - he made a miraculous and speedy recovery when he saw these lollies all the way from America! Oh and I had a conversation with 14 Year Old Daughter later in the day that went like this:

14 YOD: Mum, I've eaten too many lollies and I feel sick.
Me: You're still eating them though aren't you?
14 YOD: erm ... yes ... but they're so yummy!

Then a parcel from Cherry Culture, who I had a discount code for:

LA Girl Rock Star Groupie (purple glittery goodness - yum), Kleancolor Twingkle Gold Star (I won't bore you with a rant about deliberate mis-spellings of product names but can I just say GRRRRRR), Kleancolor Sonic Bloom, Kleancolor Neon Sapphire and Kleancolor Blue Satin.

Amuse Sparkling Powders, which annoyingly don't have their names on the jars, but the colours are a champagne, bronze (much lighter than it appears in the photo) and dusky pinkish. These have little sponges on the top, beneath which are standard shaker openings. The sponges are pretty useless, too little of the powder gets applied over too great an area, so I'll probably end up taking them off and using a brush. Anyway, swatches:

I very cleverly used the little foil seal that was stuck to the top of each bottle to stamp these swatches on my hand. The pink is a lot pinker than it appears in the pic, and they are all quite lovely.

At front a Kleancolor eyeliner in Icy Golden Nugget, and at rear an NYX dual eyeliner sharpener, LA Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Silver, LA Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Purple and an LA Girl Mark My Eyes felt tip eyeliner in black (this one is a thick-tipped pen).


Top to bottom: LA Girl Purple, LA Girl Silver, LA Girl Mark My Eyes and Kleancolor Icy Golden Nugget.

I'm loving the purple, it's exactly the sort of purple I like to wear next to my hazel eyes. Mark My Eyes has a little bleeding at the edges on my hand, whether it does that on my eyes I don't know because I've mislaid it (by which I mean 'had it stolen by 14 Year Old Daughter'.)

And finally, some stuff ordered from New Look on sale:

A five pack of nail polishes by B Me. The polishes aren't named but I couldn't resist the bright colours, especially for only £4.00.

Star Gazer polishes, numbers 170, 105 and 131. I love the little round bottles, they make me think of little fat buddhas and I just want to rub their tummies. Not that they have tummies ...

And finally, the parcel from New Look totally didn't contain shoes. Couldn't possibly contain shoes, since I'm on a no-shoe-buy. And if it did contain shoes, it would be because they were too cute and ridiculously cheap at only £5.00.

Oh look, ridiculously cheap and cute shoes. Imagine that!

Last of all, I know I should be staying away from sugary treats since visiting the dentist, but I can't help myself:

Cute and sugary and covered with coconut. And they're called Fairy Mushrooms! With a name like that you know I love them. (The polish is Kleancolor Neon Sapphire by the way.)


  1. Nice hauls. I like all the polishes. All that lovely candy, your supposed to eat it. Not great that your daughter is feeling sick. Love the shoes.

  2. I love the Dr Pepper lipgloss:) And about my passport cover, I bought at Victoria's Secret, but it was a while ago, 2007, so I'm not sure if they still have it:S

  3. OMG! Those shoes are outrageously gorgeous! I'm always too scared to order shoes over the net in case they don't fit properly. But for those, I think I'd make an exception...

  4. Lucy: I did manage to get some of the lollies for myself - I had to fight the kids for them though!
    Sandra: Victoria's Secret don't ship to NZ, so I shall have to keep searching for passport cover prettiness!
    Nixxy: They were in the clearance category of the Teen section at New Look, but I just checked and they're sold out. They also come in black and white though, which aren't on sale.