16 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: whine, moan, whinge

My wisdom teeth hurt. Bad.

I'm seeing the oral surgeon on Thursday, so hopefully it won't be too long after then that I get the blasted things out - at the moment I'm tempted to accept The Eccentric English Boyfriend's offer of brandy and pliers.

So I'm just going to complain for a bit, ok?

Whine, moan, boohoo, waaaah, whinge, rant, complain, woe is me, sniff, sob, etc.

I can has pretty purple shoes?

*sigh* Pretty purple shoes. They don't make the teeth any better, but they sure are pretty.

Schuh Michy lace up high heels, £69.99 from Schuh.


  1. From someone with teeth from Hell, or possibly generations of English Inbreeding - I sympathise.

    I would take up the offer of brandy - use it like Listerine, try and keep it in your mouth for as long as possible - it really helps. Dulls the nerve endings what?

  2. Oh, I had problems with my wisdom teeth a while ago, but it fixed itself. I hope it gets better, and you could buy the shoes as a comfort, that maybe would help;)