18 November 2009

Today's nails: Barielle Polished Princess and Slate of Affairs

Polished Princess and Slate of Affairs (which I received from my lovely Secret Santa) are my first Barielles so I was understandably very excited about trying them. Luckily I wasn't disappointed.

First up, Polished Princess:

How gorgeous is that? Yellow/greens so often look blah against my skin tone, but Polished Princess is truly gorgeous. And just look at the beautiful shimmer running through it.

It looked absolutely amazing next to my new necklace from Artisan Jouel:

Isn't that necklace amazing? I've worn it almost every day since it arrived.

The formula on Polished Princess was good, and three coats to bottle colour.

When I first saw the All Lacquered Up collection - which Polished Princess and Slate of Affairs are part of - Slate of Affairs was the colour that intrigued me the most. And it did not disappoint, in fact it's gone to the top of my favourite polishes list.

Such a gorgeous dusky blue, more of a grey tinge to it than the photos show. It makes me think of dark stormy skies, and when the light hits it there's the most beautiful blue shimmer:

You might want to click the pics to enlarge them. Again three coats. So pretty. Thank you (Not So) Secret Santa!


  1. I like both these polishes. Pity I can't get Barielle in the UK as they are interesting shades.

  2. Did yours have funky brushes? Mine did :S haha! My nails looked like a five year old painted them. I love Slate of Affairs on you! It really is a pretty color, I might have to pick that up for myself. I wonder why they won't ship international.

  3. jaljen: have I got news for you: http://www.barielle.co.uk/

    sparklingpinkgorilla: the brushes were fine on mine :-D

  4. They are my favorite of the collection. I didn't want to take off Slate of Affairs. It's a beautiful color. They both look lovely on you.