18 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: naughty Naughty Monkey!

As brand names go, Naughty Monkey is pretty cool. And it turns out they make some nice boots. Like these ones:

Whoa momma! Naughty Monkey, you truly are naughty to tempt me so - these boots may well be better than sex! Straps, buckles and rivets, interesting chunky heel, to-die-for red - there's not much I wouldn't do for these boots. Except give up chocolate. I totally wouldn't give up chocolate for them. Unless they were on sale.

The Haute Rocker 2 by Naughty Monkey is US$158.99 on Heels.com.


  1. I love them too even though they are not pink;)

  2. Gorgeous boots. I love red.