27 November 2009

A year's worth of shoes? Count me in!

I'm a bit behind in posting about this, due to the whole having my teeth yanked thing, and I'm not even sure I want to tell you, because the more of you that enter this the less chance I have of winning.

But, it would be uncouth of me not to share this with you my pretties: to celebrate the launch of Style Society (which you may remember I have an upcoming guest post on), Dorothy Perkins are giving away A YEAR'S WORTH OF SHOES. Seriously. That's one pair of shoes per month for a year. My little head is positively popping at the thought. So if the idea of all those free shoes appeals go enter!

And if you win and, you know, get sick of all those free shoes I'll happily share your prize with you. Because I'm good like that!


  1. :-D Unfortunately the closest you'll get is "casual pumps".